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Thanks to CM KCR For making its land freehold Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre

Hyderabad, May 25, 2023: Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre (MHRC) and its managing Committee thanked Chief Minister Mr.K. Chandrashekar Rao for sanctioning Freehold for the land allotted to it in the year 1975-wide GO No. 1095. It leased three and a half acres of land at a nominal least amount of Rs 12/- per year for thirty years and NOW Hono Chief Minister approved to make Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre as Freehold Land.

The GO is likely to be released in a week, and things are moving fast, said Sri Mahendra Ranka, Chairman of Bhagwan Mahavir Memorial Trust (BMMT) which owns MHRC.

Now it plans expansion and to have a full-fledged Gastroenterology department. It is also planning to revamp the Cardiology department. Plans are also on the anvil to modernise ICU. It is likely to invest 6 to 7 crore on this expansion program.

Replying to a media query the Chairman said, MHRC will also think of starting Geriatrics, a medical speciality dedicated exclusively for older adults in future. Replying to another question, he said the hospital has a bed capacity of 220 beds and doesn’t have any scope to increase bed capacity at least in the near future.

Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre (MHRC) and its Managing Committee, Standing Committee and Entire Jain Community are grateful and thankful to Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao Garu, Sri K.T Rama Raoji Garu, Minister for IT and Industry, Sri T.Harish Raoji garu, Minister for Finance, Health, Medical & Family Welfare, Sri Talasani Srinivas Yadavji garu, Minister for Cinematography and Animal Husbandry for sanctioning Freehold for the land allotted to it, the trustees who addressed the press conference said.

Bhagwan Mahavir Memorial Trust established Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre is the first charitable hospital started in the then Andhra Pradesh state in 1978 to serve the poor and underprivileged charging affordable prices for the last four decades.

A press conference was called to thank the Chief Minister and the entire Government of Telangana and its functionaries for their unstinting cooperation and support from time to time.

Sri Mahendra Ranka, Chairman, Sri Sushil Kapadia, Vice Chairman, Sri Sunil Pahade, Managing Trustee, Sri Sushil Sancheti, Treasurer Trustee interacted with the media in a Media briefing held at its premises on Thursday evening.

MHRC is a Multi-speciality Hospital with renowned Doctors. The Centre is recognized by the Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research bodies such as the World Bank, WHO, and DFID (Department for International Development) of the U.K, among others. Research is being carried out in Genetics and Immunology. Osmania University and the University of Hyderabad have recognized the centre for the award of PhD for research work done here.

On completion of the thirty years said Mr Mahendra Ranka, Chairman of MHRC, the lease was further extended in the year 2007 for the period of thirty years wide GO No. 230 of Revenue (Assignment-III) department dated 23-05-2014(Ref.-3) pending finalization of the lease rentals by the A.P. Management Authority by enhancing the lease rent in every block of 5years as per new land allotment policy guidelines issued in G.O M.S. No. 571, Revenue (Assigment-1) Department dated 14-09-2012 (Ref-4 ). The matter was referred to APLMA which in turn resolved (Ref- 5) that the earlier condition of the lease on nominal lease rent of Rs. 12/- per annum for the entire land may be continued as it is in this particular case in relaxation of G. O.Ms. No. 571 dated 14-09-2012(Ref[1]4). Accordingly, the matter was recommended to the Government for the issue of necessary orders by the Commissioner of Land Administration and Special Chief Secretary vide letter dated 30-5- 2014(Ref-6).

The leaseholder, Bhagwan Mahavir Memorial Trust (BMMT) being a charitable institution with and nature of services and run “Not for Profit” basis appeals to the authorities to accord freehold on the land.

The hospital has grown. It is a 220 bedded hospital with all the specialities and providing yeoman services to the community, said Sushil Kapadia, Vice Chairman

The hospital in particular earned recognition all over the country and abroad for its contribution to the care of patients with chronic kidney disorders by setting up a Dialysis Centre and Urology and Nephrology departments. And for Tuberculosis Research it established a separate TB Clinic and a Research Centre. Mahavir Hospital is the first Hospital to start a dialysis centre in the state to treat patients with chronic kidney diseases. Our centre is the largest dialysis centre in the state with 63 dialysis machines. On average, we carry out 3750 dialysis per month to the poor and needy @ Rs. 300/- per dialysis as against Rs.2000-3000 per dialysis in other corporate hospitals. Patients from all over the country come here for treatment., said Sushil Kapadia

More than 1000 kidney transplantation operations were carried out at this hospital by our internationally renowned urologist, Dr. Saharia who was awarded Padma Shri by Govt. of India. Mahavir Hospital is one of the country's four reputed centres for tuberculosis research. It is the first private hospital recognized by the Government of India for Public Private Mix Directly Observed Treatment Short Course(PPMDOTS) for TB. This hospital is carrying out the National Tuberculosis Control program as a model of a public-private mix informed Sri Sunil Pahade, Managing Trustee

Sri Sushil Sancheti, Treasurer adds, this PPM Module also known as Mahavir Model was developed by our Research Team under the dynamic leadership of the late Dr. KJR. Murthy and is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) for replication in other countries

Mr. Bill Clinton, President of the United States of America visited Mahavir Hospital in the year 2000 and commended the excellent work carried out by our dedicated doctors under the PPM DOTS to eradicate TB from this planet.

The research centre of the hospital known as Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre has been carrying out world-class research in Tuberculosis and received huge grants for research from national and international funding agencies. Our research centre is recognised by Govt. of India as the “Centre of Excellence for TB Research” in the country, the trustee added

It has 15 bedded Critical Care Unit (CCU) equipped with all the sophisticated facilities including monitors, high-end ventilators, and well-trained doctors and nursing staff to treat critical cases. It has a 10 bedded Emergency ward with excellent infrastructure facilities. It has four world-class operation theatres with the latest ultra-modern equipment to carry out any complicated surgeries. Clinical Trials on TB Vaccines were undertaken. This Clinical trial was sponsored by ICMR. So far, the Vaccine has been tested on more than 3000 people and it was found to be safe. Besides that, clinical trials were carried out to test the efficacy of new drugs.

It rose to the occasion for starting the 40 bedded Covid Ward during the pandemic and in the both severe waves of Covid MHRC have provided for Covid Care at a very reasonable cost much lower than many other corporate Hospitals.

During the meeting with Honourable CM Sir, Sri KCR Garu, the Jain community requested for approval and consent to make Mahavir Hospital and Research Centre Land a Freehold. Past Chairmans of MHRC - Sri Surendermalji Luniya, Sri Motilalji Bhalgat, along with President of Jain Seva Sangh Sri Yogeshji Singhi had put forward the request and Honourable CM Sir was kind enough to immediately agree for the proposal. He appreciated Mahavir Hospital's efforts and how it has been serving Society for the last 4 decades.


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