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Virinchi Hospitals Partners with Renal Research Institute, New York

Hyderabad Sept 20, 2019: Virinchi Hospital, Hyderabad has signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with world rernowned Renal Research Institute of New York.

As part of this collaboration both the front running insitutions will develop new path-breaking treatments to alleviate the suffering of patients with various kidney related disease.

The first joint project is to advance the allo-hemodialysis device, which is a novel, inexpensive treatment for terminal kidney failure. This treatment has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of kidney failure worldwide, especially in impoverished parts of the world, so that no person anywhere dies for the lack of access to dialysis treatment, something that is currently elusive, primarily for economic reasons.

Leading these projects from Virinchi Hospital will be Dr K S Nayak, a world expert in treating kidney diseases along with Prof Peter Kotanko, Research Director at the Renal Research Institute, New York. It is expected that this formal collaboration between these two leading institutions will be the beginning of many ground breaking inventions aimed at providing new and affordable treatments for kidney failure.


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