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Tropical Animal Genetics Innovative Technology Platform to Double Dairy Farmers Income in India

Hyderabad 5th November 2019: Tropical Animal Genetics (TAG), a livestock technology company pioneering innovations to ensure sustainable and profitable income to the dairy farmers, today has announced the launch of its latest Patented technology platform “Tropical Bovine Genetics (TBG)”.

Tropical Animal Genetics’ (TAG) innovative product profile is committed to doubling the Indian dairy farmers’ income with a mantra of assured genetics with Embryo Technology (ET) and assured lactation with Pregnancy Free Lactation (PFL).

TAG has strategic and technology partnerships with Transova Genetics Inc, USA, Roslin Institute University of Edinburgh, Indian Insitute of Science (IISc), IIT-M and National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS).

The company’s dual technology – (1) Affordable Assured Genetics with ET and (2) Assured lactation with PFL, will increase rural employment, provide safe milk to the consumers and will save the environment.

1. Affordable Assured Genetics – . Poor genetics of the herd result in low milk productivity per animal. TAG has industrialized sexed embryo technology allowing dairy farmers to access high productivity cows at affordable prices. Embryo derived milking cows (EDM) ensures dairy farmer will double his profits as compared to cows derived from Artificial Insemination (AI) using sperms. This is because only embryos give 100% genetics while AI gives 50% of the genetics.

2. Assured Lactation – PFL technology does not require a pregnancy in a cow in order to produce milk. Instead lactation is induced by mimicking the conditions of pregnancy. PFL is a groundbreaking solution that extends the productive life of a cow till the end of her life. This adresseses the addresses the stray cattle problem in India as it will convert infertile animals into productive cattle. It will also help gaushalas become profitable.

Announcing the TAG’s innovative technologies, Dr. Pravin Kini, Managing Director, Tropical Animal Genetics said, “Our vision is to provide the right genetics for dairy in India that will help farmers secure a life of abundance and prosperity. We aspire to bring Indian farmers guaranteed pregnancies and better genetics.

Dr. Bruce Whitelaw, Professor Animal Biotech, Univestity of Edinburgh and Future Technology Architect, TAG said, “Our R&D in India and UK will bring more advances to dairy farmers by further reducing costs of producing safe milk for the consumer while increasing farmer’s income.

Dr Tom Mercuro, President, Transova Technologies said, “ We are very excited about bringing Transova’s expertise to India and working with TAG to help in their goal of doubling farmer’s income”

Mr. Srinivas Aluri, CoFounder TAG said “TAG is a new age Indian startup that is harnessing the power of deep technology to create positive social impact”.

TAG’s technologies also benefit the climate by reducing the number of unproductive animals. PFL will make infertile animals productive. Benefits of lower cattle population include reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and slowing of deforestation. TAG’s superior technology helps Bovine Breeder farmers convert sexed embryo to an embryo derived milch cow for sale to a dairy farmer, thus creating a new breed of rural entrepreneurs and generating employment opportunities. TAG is also working on a rural entrepreneurship program to create jobs by providing business and technical training.


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