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Team of doctors perform rare medical procedure to save a patient's life at SVS Medical College

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A team of doctors at SVS Medical College Hospital in Mahabubnagar performed a rare medical procedure on a 67 year old patient and removed a cancerous tumor from his lungs and saved his life on Monday.

Going into the details, a 67 year old man was admitted in SVS Medical College hospital complaining of breathing difficulties, loss of appetite and weight loss for more than a month. Even though the patient earlier had approached various hospitals his problems was not cured and his symptoms continued to persist.

After careful diagnosis of the patient's medical history, Dr. Venkateswara Reddy Tummuru ,Professor, Department of Pulmonary medicine at SVS medical college Hospital advised chest X-ray which to the patient. This revealed the collapse of the left lung of the patient.The professor, considering the age and smoking history of the patient suspected that this collapse of the lung could be due to an underlying malignancy and advised him to undergo CT chest .

The careful diagnosis and detailed study of the CT chest report revealed a large mass 6*4 cm obscuring the left mainstem bronchus and occluding the airway completely. After this, the doctors decided to undertake the advanced medical procedure of flexible bronchoscopy. This allowed visualization of the airways in real time and also obtained a biopsy – i.e a piecemeal of the mass is taken to analyze the nature of the mass.

The biopsy confirmed the mass to be a malignant tumor. With this diagnosis at hand the Professor with the aid of the Anesthesia team undertook Rigid Bronchoscopy Guided Debulking of the tumor and saved life of the patient. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Venkateshwar Reddy said, " Detecting cancer tumers early is very important particularly in patients suffering with breathing problems. We employed advanced and rare medical procedure that requires not only state of the art equipment and technology like cautery, APC etc but also proficiency. Usually, cancers in the elderly often go unnoticed until its too late . They can in fact be ‘silent Killers ‘. It is essential to catch hold of them early in their course as this Golden period drastically impacts the treatment outcome," observed Dr. Reddy. Along with Dr Venkateswara Reddy Tummuru, professor and Hod Anesthesia Dr Rama Krishna, and Dr. Ayathullah, Professor Anesthesia assisted in the operation. Other doctors who supported the operation included Assistant Prof Dr.Nithin Reddy , Dr. Vinay, Dr.Siddiq, Dr. Suma, Dr. Anudeep ,Dr.Srivani, Dr.Snigdha, Dr. Saranya, Dr.Akhil and Dr.Navyasree. Pradyut Waghray, Professor and HOD pulmonology department , Dr.ANV Koteswara Rao, Professor Directors of SVS Medical College applauded the team for their success.


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