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Suraksha Group extends a helping hand in empowering women

Hyderabad March 9, 2019: The Suraksha Group of companies have come forward to extend a helping hand in empowering thee women folks in India.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the emerging Indian Multinational Company (MNC), which has its strengths in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics segments, has decided to supply affordable Sanitary napkins to the under privileged masses across the country. The company has decided to install accessible vending machines at all the government run schools and colleges. While speaking to media Padmaja Manepally, said “The real empowerment of women is achieved when the taboo of ‘Period’ is gone and true initiatives are taken to ensure health and hygiene of women is achieved.”

Suraksha Pharma during the past 2-3 years had made many acquisitions and acquired Sumages Pharm and MMC healthcare limited and bringing them under the umbrella of Suraksha group of companies. Already the company is having a host of verticals like Suraksha foils, Suraksha research foundation,

Roorkee research labs and Scoat Pharm.

The company is already having its presence and operating in 30 plus countries and 20 plus Indian states and even has offices in Singapore and USA.


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