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Sri Chaitanya School Students Shine Bright In America NASA'S NSS ISDC Conference - 2024

Hyderabad, June 11, 2023: The Academic Director, Sri Chaitanya School, Mrs. Seema stated that several hundreds of students from about 30 countries from every corner of the world attended the America NASA'S NSS ISDC Conference from all the corners of the World. Out of them 167 Students are from Sri Chaitanya School alone. No other educational institution in the world has such a huge number of selections to this conference.

In the recent NASA'S NSS Space Settlement Contests 2024, whereas 28000 students participated from India alone, Sri Chaitanya School stood No. 1 and became the World Champion for the 11th consecutive time, with 62 Winning Projects in which 639 students of Sri Chaitanya School participated. She said that, in these 62 winning projects, 7 Projects won the World First Prize, 11 Projects won the World Second Prize, 15 Projects won the Third Prize and 29 Projects won the Honourable Mentions.

35 students belonging to Sri Chaitanya School in the Telugu States participated in this tour.

No single student participated in ISDC from any other school/educational organization from Telangana, Karnataka, Odisha & Tamil Nadu States other than from Sri Chaitanya School.

In this Conference, the only student in the world who was awarded 500 Dollars in the Artistic Merit Category, belongs to Sri Chaitanya.

Sri Chaitanya School Group is the one and only one group which has attended America's NASA NSS ISDC for the past 13 years continuously and this is a New Record. No other institution in India or in the world has achieved this feat.

During the Conference days, the students of our School met the famous NASA Astronauts, Jose M. Hernandez & Bryan Versteeg, Conceptual Designer, and shared their views with them.

The team from Sri Chaitanya visited the Griffith's Observatory, California Science Center and Apple Park, IBM Museum at Silicon Valley, San Franscico attended the STEM Workshop, learnt many engineering skills and information about the advanced technology trends. All through the tour, the team of students gained tons of knowledge about America and experienced the elegance of the technological, social and economic advancement of the nation. The students and their parents expressed their deep gratitude to the Management of Sri Chaitanya for arranging such a good

On this occasion Mrs. Seema, the Director congratulated all the winning students, their Parents,Teaching and Non-teaching staff who attended ISDC Conference which was held at Los Angeles,CA, USA.


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