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Modi focuses on tribals, Congress on vote bank politics: Shah in Madhya Pradesh

Hyderabad,6th September 2023: While inaugurating BJP's 'Jan Ashirwad Yatra' in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah clarified that, 'Congress has always been immersed in the politics of minority appeasement, which has destroyed social justice.

The then Prime Minister of the Congress government, Manmohan Singh, had said during his tenure that minorities have the first right on the resources of the country. When Modi ji became the Prime Minister in 2014, he changed his ideology and gave the rights of Dalits, tribals, poor and deprived to the country's resources.

In the last 9 years, it has been proved that Modi government will always work to help the tribals, backward classes, Dalits and the poor. Be it declaring the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda as a day of pride or making a tribal woman, Draupadi Murmu the President. Under the foresight of Modi ji and the efficient management of Amit Shah, the BJP government has always respected and welfare of the tribal society.

The people of Madhya Pradesh know that under the Congress rule, the condition of the state had become like that of a sick state. Corruption, scams, plunder, poor houses without electricity, farming without irrigation had become the identity of Madhya Pradesh.

The people of Madhya Pradesh have also seen that as soon as Congress came to power for a few days, it had stopped 51 schemes of the BJP government. But ever since the BJP government has been formed, the state has become an unmatched state riding on the chariot of development. For the last 9 years, the double engine BJP government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is moving towards making Madhya Pradesh the number one state in the country.

Madhya Pradesh is the first state where the work of implementing the PESA law has been done due to the leadership of Modi ji and the tireless efforts of Shah. During their regime, Congress indulged in sloganeering vis-à-vis protecting water, forests, and land for the tribal society, but never acted on it.

Whereas under the visionary thinking of Modi ji and the guidance of Amit Shah, work for tribal welfare is being done through protection of water, forest, and land as well as security, respect, and inclusive development.

Political turmoil has intensified in Madhya Pradesh. Assembly elections are going to be held in Madhya Pradesh after a few months. Before the elections, veteran BJP leader Amit Shah has entered the fray to reach out to every section of the society and ensure victory in the upcoming political contest.

‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra’ is a journey to receive blessings from everyone. Five such yatras will travel through 210 assembly constituencies of the state and reach Bhopal. During this, Amit Shah, while targeting Congress, gave Kamal Nath the title of 'Corruption Nath', while Digvijay Singh was given the title of 'Mr. Bantadhar'.


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