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IIL launches ‘Kunoichi’ a patented miticide from Nissan Chemical Corporation

Hyderabad, October 18th, 2019: In order to address the need for an effective and long duration control of different types of mites, leading agrochemical company Insecticides (India) Limited (IIL) today launched ‘Kunoichi’, a Japanese miticide that is effective at all stages of the mite.

Kunoichi is invented and developed by Nissan Chemical Corporation, Japan and comprises a novel molecule, Cyenopyrafen 30% SC. IIL is the partner of Nissan Chemical Corporation, Japan in India for marketing of its products since 2012. This product has been already registered in other parts of the globe such as Japan, South Korea, Colombia, and Ecuador. Farmers in south india will find the product effective for their chilies.  

“IIL is proud to be a partner of Japan’s leading company Nissan Chemical Corporation since 2012 and with the launch of Kunoichi, we are brining one more research-based international technology patented product to the farmers after the huge success of other products of Nissan in the Indian market. The composition of the product is apt for the crops that grow in India like chilies and premium crops such as apple that constitute the base of the burgeoning Indian export. Kunoichi is a rather promising product that we hope will benefit lacs of farmers across the country. It is very effective against all types of mites and starts its action as quick as 6 hours. It is the latest and most effective miticide available in the world today,” said Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, Managing Director, Insecticides (India) Ltd.

From Nissan Mr. Yoshihide Masuzawa San and Dr. R. K. Yadav, Managing Director, Nissan Agro Tech India Pvt. Limited were present at the launch event. Dr. R. K. Yadav added, “Nissan Chemical Corporation, JAPAN is committed to bring the latest products to Indian farmers, and we believe that we will keep getting excellent response to our products in India as last years.” 

Mr. V K Garg, Vice President, said that infestation of mites is increasing every year due to global warming and it is becoming a major pest in south on all the crops especially on chilies. Kunoichi, a latest technology product, provides complete solution to the farmers effective from egg to adult on all species of mites. No other miticides available in the market has so wide spread effect. Thus, farmer will get double the benefit in terms of cost and duration as well.

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