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IIKP Knowledge Park holding IKMC-2023 @ Hyderabad

Hyderabad, October 31, 2023: KP Knowledge Park (IKP) organized the 17th edition of its annual flagship event, the International Knowledge Millennium Conference (IKMC2023), on the 30th and 31st of October 2023, in Hyderabad, with the main theme ”Shaping the Possible: Making Positive Impact In the Anthropocene”.

Anthropocene, the current geological epoch, represents a new phase in our planet’s history, where the collective actions of the human race have become the dominant force shaping the Earth’s ecosystems and natural processes. Centuries of agriculture, industrialisation, transportation, urbanisation and other activities have caused climate change, biodiversity decline, pollution and altered ecosystems in an unprecedented way. The Anthropocene concept serves as a reminder of the great responsibility we have to recognise our impact on Earth, and direct our actions towards creating a sustainable future.

IKP has chosen to focus on this theme given the criticality of climate change and related sustainability challenges we face today and the need for our collective action.

The second day of IKMC2023 was held in IKP’s campus in Genome Valley, Shamirpet. IKP conducted three workshops on key areas of interest to start-ups: on regulatory strategy for medical devices, on intellectual property management and on negotiating investment term sheets. The workshops were conducted by experts in each field and more than 150 start-ups and entrepreneurs attended. More than 70 start-ups participated in the start-up product exhibition.

IKP also entered into partnerships with NALSAR University of Law and Srinidhi Institute of Science and Technology. These partnership MOUs will enable collaboration in the area of Intellectual Property, technology management and commercialization.

Towards the close of IKMC2023, IKP announced the second cohort of “IKP Fellows”, a group of select IKP affiliated start-ups who will be supported in expanding into international markets through this fellowship.

More than 70 visionaries, innovators, business leaders and researchers actively participated in this year’s IKMC, which was attended by more than hundred start-ups and 800 participants.

Ms Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, Chairman and CEO of IKP Knowledge Park thanked all the delegates and attendees for one more successful edition of IKMC and invited everyone to attend the next edition.


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