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Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital to Commemorate ‘World Cancer Day’ launches ‘Women Surakshaa Package

Hyderabad, February 3rd, 2022: Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare facilities in the city, today announced commemoration of “World Cancer Day” by spreading the message for a healthy living among the people in the society. The Union for International Cancer Control observes February 4th each year as the WorldCancer Day, and this year it is being commemorated with the theme _ Close the Care Gap _ to ensure people are made aware of the ailment and bridge the existing gap with cancer care.

The hospital today announced a special ‘Women Surakshaa’ healthcare package, a complete yet affordable early-stage cancer diagnosis package for benefit of women in the society. This package includes Complete Blood Picture with Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) test, Cervical Smear or Pap Smear test, Thyroid profile, Ultrasound of abdomen, and consultation with a gynecologist, and all this for just INR 1499/-, and the package will be in force starting February 4th to the end of this month.

Commenting on the activity, Dr. Satwinder Singh Sabharwal, COO, Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital said, “Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital is among the best multi-specialty healthcare facilities in the city and have best experts to diagnose and treat all cancers. Women in our society are often ignorant of risks to their health or are reluctant to get diagnosed for various reasons. Understanding these complexities in the community around us, we at the Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital have come up with initiatives which take quality healthcare closer to people, at an affordable price. This Women Surakshaa healthcare package will encourage women to come forward and get their health condition assessed, and seek right treatment, if necessary.”

Covid-19 pandemic has shifted our focus away from more serious and impending ailments like the cancer diseases. Some of the cancers that most often affect women are breast, colorectal, endometrial, lung, cervical, skin, and ovarian cancers. Knowing about these cancers and what you can do to help prevent them or find them early (when they are small, haven't spread, and might be easier to treat) will help save lives.


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