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AI Assis Launches its Artificial Intelligence Powered App Chitti

HyderabadDec 27, 2018: AI Assis, a company started by IIIT-H alumni and incubated in IIIT-H has recently launched Chitti, artificial intelligence based app that works as a personal, social and networking assistant and runs errands for its users. It was launched by Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Information Technology, TS Govt. Dr. Radhika Mamidi, Associate Professor, IIIT-H was guest of honour. Lakshmi Misra, Industry Relationships at IIIT-H also attended the event. The AI based app uses voice queries and provides natural language user interface to the users.

The app offers personalized services such answering queries, make suggestions and recommendations, follow commands and more...Working like a real personal assistant, it makes phone calls, checks out information, schedules events, gives reminders, navigates areas, gives you information on entertainment, social media and more... The app accepts voice as well as typed commands.

Designed with advanced machine learning techniques, the app learns from the user’s actions, choice and preferences to offer enhanced services. One of the advanced features of Chitti app is that based on user’s interests, actions and objectives, it filters out social media news feed for the user. In the coming version, Chitti is going to seamlessly carry out chores such as ordering food, booking services like cab, movie tickets and many more.

Speaking to the Siva Kumar, CEO of AI Assis, he says “There are several apps today in the market that carry out human like actions for its users. However, most of them are lacking in AI and machine learning. Therefore, their applicationsare limited to accepting commands and following them. There’s hardly any interactive association with the user and this restricts the user experience.

As against this, Chitti gives a truly seamless experience. It learns from the user’s experience and therefore, with each passing day, it offers improved services. Most importantly, similar apps that come currently built in with pricey cell phones and as such are not available to all.It pains me to see that even in these era of fourth Industrial Revolution and IoT, a large section of the society is being kept away from facilities for the want of social and economic reasons...Our Chitti is an attempt to enable people across the globe a fully personalized smart solution that help them focus on the things they like, be it business or personal, by leaving the chores to Chitti. ”

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