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Unique case treated at Virinchi Hospital in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, July 22, 2021: Mr. Balvvinder Singh 28 years Gentle man had Covid19 infection with pneumonia suffered fungal mucormycosis sinusitis, developed acute ischemic stroke and brain hemorrhage due to ruptured aneurysm .

Around the globe countries have seen record number of coronavirus cases, India is not exceptional. India 2nd mostly affected after USA with number of COVID19 cases.

Pandemic not only had immediate impact on health infrastructure of the country but with it given vision to revive public health sector by increasing health expenditure. India spends 1.28 percent of countrys GDP on public health sector compared to United States spends 17% of its GDP.

Our case a unique in country and to our present knowledge not reported from the world literature having COVID19 infection with pneumonia developing bilateral fungal mucormycosis sinusitis with Acute ischemic stroke with Subarachnoid haemorrhage in a same individual challenges in management are very unique and different at every stage of disease.

Mr. Balvinder Singh post covid status having bilateral fungal sinusitis ( Mucormycosis ) recently underwent (FESS) functional endoscopic sinus surgery had acute ischemic stroke one day before presenting to Virinchi hospital emergency medical department. He was diagnosed diabetic during treatment of COVID19 infection on supervised medications.

Mr. Balvinder Singh reached emergency department with sudden severe headache with involuntary movements of whole body including extremities ( Seizures ) and unconscious state on 01.06.2021. Virinchi Hospital EMD with set protocols of ultrafast clinical stabilising and emergency investigations saved many lives. This gentleman after stabilising vitals got urgent CT brain suggestive of brain haemorrhage ( SAH ) and CT brain angiogram showing ruptured basilar artery large aneurysm.

Virinchi Hospital 24X7 Neurosciences team availability makes decision making in shortest time in all emergency department cases including stroke, traumatic brain injury & other infectious emergencies. Likewise this case was immediately taken for brain surgery same night within hours to save more brain damage by reducing the pressure in brain by inserting tube inside ventricle of brain and plan for further treatment.

Virinchi hospital subspeciality in Neurosciences well recognised in twin city with24X7 availability of Interventional Neurology or Neuroendovascular surgery procedures under leadership of Dr Randhir Kumar ( Neuroendovascualr Surgeon ) & Dr Mohammed Ateequr Rahman ( Interventional Neurologist & Stroke Specialist ) with many successful procedures in acute stroke mechanical thrombectomies, Carotid stenting, Aneurysm coiling & AVM embolization. This gentleman was taken immediately for further neuroendovascualr procedure for exclusion of basilar aneurysm which was cause of brain haemorrhage. By Using advance cathlab 3 D rotation angiogram to precise the anatomical location and making out small vessels arising from the aneurysm to prevent complication during procedure was used. Latest technical skills and hardware used to exclude the aneurysm by FLOW DIVERTER AND COILS successfully.


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