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Two city women on a mission to ‘Revive Good Old Indian Games

Hyderabad, April 08, 2019: Two city women Sangeeta, Educationist turned Fashion Designer, ISB alumni and Archana, an interior designer, and home decor expert are on a mission to revive long forgotten, almost extinct ‘Good Old Indian Games”.

The childhood games on their target for revival are Pachis, Ashta Chamma, Vamana Guntalu, Puli Joodam, Daadi, Snake & Ladder,m Chadrangam(Chess), Taabla, Kailsam, Gachkaayalu, Bambaram, Pittoo, etc and others. These were the games we have grown up playing in our childhood, they inform while interacting with media at Sangeeta Studio here in the city at Jubilee Hills on Monday.

Both friends are known for ten years, decided four years back that they must work to revive quite a number of games which they personally played during their childhood. Now they are planning to do an exhibition in the third of week of April at Saptaparni, Banjara Hills, named “Heritage Games of India Expo” to showcase 101 games.

They formed a company. And the name they gave to the company is ”Good Old Games”. Their mission is not only to revive those games but, also present them as an alternative to virtual games to which our kids are hooked on to.

The revival of these games for us is nostalgic. We have sweet memories of our childhood, they add.Sangeeta and Archana, both multi-talented designers, painstakingly travelled all over India to identify the right artisan to craft/develop these games. They showcased the wide collection first time to the media.

Media had a preview of all these games ahead of its proposed exhibition to be held on April 19th and 20th at Spathaparni at Banjara Hills. The passionate duo gave a modern and designer look to the indoor games and showcased most of the 101 Games they got developed for the media. Some of these include Ashta Chemma in Rubberwood, Nu-Wood, Cedar Wood, Jaipur chowki; Vamana Guntalu in painted wood, book fold design, antiques in country wood, Pachisi in Kalamkari, silk embroidery, Jaipur chowki, velvet.

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