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Tora cabs launched with a promise of change for sustainability

Hyderabad, June 27, 2019: Toracabs Technology Services Pvt Ltd (TTSPL) has launched TORA Cabs, a technology platform for cab hiring that is all set to revolutionise the app-based ride hailing industry in the country. A unique cab hailing technology where drivers using the Tora app need not pay any commission from the fare they collect; they would just need to pay a minimal daily subscription charge.

TORA cabs come with a promise of “No commission” for drivers and “No Surge” for Customers. TORA cabs, a joint venture with a Korean strategic partner has been started to bring about sustainability and convenience in public transport.

S. B. Shin, Director, Toracabs Technology Services Pvt Ltd (TTSPL) said “I am happy to partner and be a joint venture partner with a pioneering brand like Tora. I see Tora as the way forward as the business is about technology that will benefit a larger number of people and it is socially conscious” He added “It was important to partner with a brand that is based on values and that would give an edge to both the driver and the customer”.

Innovation and fair play are the cornerstones of the brand.

Kavita Bhaskaran Ravi, Director – Marketing & Public Policy Toracabs Technology Services Pvt Ltd (TTSP) said, “TORA is based on the vision of bringing convenience and benefits to the customers and drivers, as it has been created with a philosophy of “No Commission” and ‘No Surge”. With TORA we plan to change the way you look at the ride hailing industry”. Ms Bhaskaran said, “We plan to bring about a paradigm shift in this sector with our unique model. Its built on the ethos of bringing fair play and technology innovation for the larger public”.

Tora is focussed on a sustainable model based on taking zero commission from drivers. Drivers will only be charged pay per use fees starting with a nominal Rs 199 per day, 199 x6 for 7 days, and 199 x 25 for a month. This gives the driver the option of paying for only the days he uses. The ‘No commission’ model ensures better earnings.

Since it started its public operations in Hyderabad on June 12, 2019 TORA has already 1500 plus drivers on board and still counting. Started by tech entrepreneurs the company has a strong technology foundation and the best in class IT infrastructure.


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