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Super Star Mahesh Babu Daughter Sitara stars in Funtastic Tara

Hyderabad, December 23rd, 2020: Sitara, daughter of actors Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodhkar, launched the first look and teaser of the 3D animation web-series, Funtastic Tara. She is ‘feeling wonderful’ and ‘super excited’ to be the brand ambassador of the series. ‘My friend Tara will grow up with me,’ she said. For film director and writer, K. V. Rajendra, she has been the inspiration for the character of the protagonist, Tara. “My son asked me – why don’t you make something for us kids? To answer his question, I ended up creating this series,” said Rajendra at the press launch.

Produced by Magic Matrix Studios and presented by Mass Bunk Movies, the series features an eight-year-old protagonist, who embarks on a series of adventures with her two best friends. The three regular, school-going children find themselves entangled in a mystical quest, and simply cannot resist being a part of it. Bollywood celebrity Neha Dhupia attended the event and mentioned that she is happy to see ‘new creativity on the horizon.’ She feels that the 3-D animation web-series is going to be ‘revolutionary in children’s entertainment.’ Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, IT Secretary, Telengana Government was also a guest of honour at the event.

In light of the collaboration with Namrata Shirodhkar and Sitara, Magic Matrix Studios and Mass Bunk Movies envision a long-term plan. They are currently mapping out the subsequent seasons of Funtastic Tara, and hope to make a feature length film with the same franchise. The concept of this animated world for children is the brainchild of producers Nayan and Manish Futnani, co-founders and partners at Magic Matrix. In partnership with Rajendra, they plan to bring ‘fun, valuable entertainment’ to children all over India. The first season of Funtastic Tara is currently under production, and the team looks forward to release the series in April, 2021.


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