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Star Hospital announces India's first center of excellence for training in Endoscopic spine surgery

Hyderabad March 07, 2019: STAR Hospitals Institute of Neurosciences and Trauma, makes history as it announces

India’s first ever designated “CENTER OF EXCELLENCE” for Training and Education in FULL ENDOSCOPIC SPINE SURGERY by RIWOspine, a Richard Wolf Company based in Germany.

Star Hospitals has pioneered Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery techniques for the treatment of Lumbar Disc Disease in South India since 2012, under Dr. Sukumar Sura, Endoscopic Neuro Spine Surgeon at STAR Hospitals. Since then, Dr. Sukumar Sura has performed over 500 such advanced procedures with very good clinical results. He has also trained and proctored

over 25 surgeons in India and abroad.

The impact of this breakthrough Center of Excellence is tremendous, since Lumbar Disc

Disease is a key cause of disability, affecting thousands of people in India, and posing a

financial and social burden to the community at large. To tackle this problem, new treatment options and surgical techniques are continuously developed for the management of this disease. Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a most exciting and unique innovation, combining the advantages of radical treatment offered by open microscopic surgery, currently the gold standard, and the non-invasive and tissue preserving nature of percutaneous techniques.

There are two surgical options in treating a disc prolapse and foramen stenosis. One is a

traditional open microsurgery. Here a large incision is made in the patient’s back, the muscles of the back are retracted, and some bone is also removed. This exposes the nerves, and once they are retracted the disc prolapse is exposed. Then the prolapsed disc material is removed and the neural tissue is adequately decompressed. This results in a large scar, significant muscle damage and sometimes instability due to excess bone removal. Since the neural tissue is retracted, some amount of damage to the nerve is a distinct possibility.

The latest method is a very minimally invasive procedure called “Full Endoscopic Spine

Surgery”, which entails a 4-6 mm incision in the flank. The offending disc material is

removed through an endoscope using special surgical instruments, 4MhZ Radio Frequency (RF) System and LASER (Holmium-YAG) and Articulating Bone Drill. The entire procedure is done under Epidural Analgesia / Local Anesthesia. Dr. Sukumar Sura and his Team, in association with RIWOspine Germany, are committed to enhancing the implementation of Full Endoscopic Spine Surgery techniques across India, through comprehensive training and education programs at Star Hospitals, Hyderabad, for

Neurosurgeons/Orthopedic Surgeons, according to individual needs and requirements.

Last year, Dr. Sukumar and his team conducted an International Endoscopic Lumbar Spine Surgery conference and LIVE Surgery workshop, which was attended by over 250 delegates from across the world. This year, Dr. Sukumar and his team will be organizing an international conference - “Spine Endoscopy Summit” - from July 19-21, 2019, in

Hyderabad, India, with special focus on Endoscopic Spine Fusion Surgery.


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