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Sreevishnu and Nara Rohit Grand Launch of Thousand Moons Infra

Hyderabad, 21st February 2022: Thousand Moons Infra, a brand new real estate company was launched to a great reception in Taj Banjara, Hyderabad. The event began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by famous astrologer Shri. Balu Munnagi followed by the launch of the brochure and logo by actors Sree Vishnu and Nara Rohit.

When a person sees a thousand full moons over his life, he is said to have lived a complete and fulfilled life, for the average person this process takes around 81 years. The organization aims to provide an impression and memory that you will not forget even by the time you see a thousand moons.

Thousand Moons Infra was founded by a team of entrepreneurs that have had over 15 years of successful experience in a varied range of fields. The team’s successes have been driven by their creative style of working and they are now ready to use this experience to make their mark in the world of real estate. The main motivation behind this project is to provide people with a real estate offering that appeals to them both artistically and functionally while delivering an overall fulfilling experience. Thousand Moon Infra’s first project will be in the Mominpet area and is slated to be one of the biggest real estate projects in the city.

Sree Vishnu, one of the chief guests for the event had this to say, “I have known the founders for a long time and have seen the creativity they have shown in their projects. I have also seen how everything they touch turns to gold and have no doubt that Thousand Moons Infra, their real estate venture, will be a bigger success than anything they have done before.” Nara Rohit, another chief guest of the event said “The name Thousand Moons Infra is one that is sure to be heard all the time in the world of real estate in the near future. This is because the skill and experience of the team are at that level! Whatever they do is always fresh, while maintaining a high quality of service. All the best to the team!"


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