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Social reformer Moses dies of cardiac arrest

Mahabubnagar: August 24, 2020:

Dr. Moses, a prominent social reformer from Mahabubnagar district had died of cardiac arrest at his resident in Jadcherla on Monday.

Popularly known for his various social activities across erstwhile Mahabubnagar, Moses has served the people; particularly his works to rescue and rehabilitate the orphaned children and child labourers has earned him name and fame among politicians, bureaucrats and general public in the district.

Moses, who had established a social organization called DRDSO 30 years back, had taken up various activities and constructed check dams, renovated tanks and lakes, established child rehabilitation centers for orphan children and provided education to them. He had also taken up campaign against various social evils like un-touchability and cast system and fought against discrimination of SCs and STs by upper cast and strived hard to bring equality among various people irrespective of their cast and religion.

His works under Reproductive Child Health programme, which is one of the prime focuses of National Health Mission of India, was recognized not just in the erstwhile state of Andhra Pradesh but was also acclaimed at National level. Other healthcare campaigns like awareness on AIDS, plantation of trees to protect environment and programmers on sanitation and health hygiene in villages have gained him a great name and fame among the rural folks in the district.

The family members informed that Moses was suffering with health issues since past one year and was undergoing treatment. However on Monday during early hours he had died of cardiac arrest while in his sleep.

Many leaders including former Health Minister Dr. Laxma Reddy, Senior congress leader Dr. Mallu Ravi, Telangana Nataka Academy Chairman B. Shiva kumar expressed shock and grief over the sudden demise of the social reformer.

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