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Continuous Medical Education (CME) on Thalassemia Free Telangana – Thalassemia Prevention – A Prick Away

Hyderabad, April 24th 2024: Today, esteemed panelists, distinguished guests, and medical professionals gather for the Continuous Medical Education (CME) event focusing on “Thalassemia Free Telangana” and “Thalassemia Prevention – A Prick Away” in Hyderabad.

In his opening remarks, Shri Dr. Chandrakant Agrawal, President of TSCS Hyderabad, expressed profound pleasure in welcoming the esteemed attendees. He remarked on the notable presence of renowned Gynecologists and Obstetricians, acknowledging their pivotal role in the collective effort towards making Telangana thalassemia-free.

Dr. Agrawal emphasized the profound significance of the event's theme, stating, "The end of thalassemia is just a prick away." He highlighted the importance of each step taken in the journey towards this goal, drawing inspiration from the Chinese proverb that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step.

The CME serves as a crucial step in the endeavor to eradicate thalassemia from Telangana, with a focus on preventive measures. Dr. Agrawal reiterated the mantra, "Thalassemia Prevention is just a prick away," encapsulating the simplicity and efficacy of preventive measures in combating this genetic disorder.

Scientific sessions including "Antenatal Screening: A Beacon in Thalassemia Battle" and "Breaking the Chain: Prenatal Diagnosis and Antenatal Screening" are aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills in thalassemia prevention. Panel discussions will further explore strategies to strengthen prevention programs.

Dr. Agrawal expressed gratitude to all attendees for their commitment to this noble cause, acknowledging their invaluable contributions of time, knowledge, and insight. He emphasized the urgency of early screening, advocating for policies mandating HbA2 testing during the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent the birth of thalassemia major children.

The Continuous Medical Education on Thalassemia (CME) is part of TSCS's ongoing efforts to eradicate thalassemia from Telangana and create a thalassemia-free state.

In our pursuit of a thalassemia-free Telangana, the organization is proud to announce the following achievements: Over 243,433 blood transfusions have been facilitated, along with 131 successful bone marrow transplantations. Additionally, they have conducted 353 Prenatal Diagnosis (PND) procedures, 73 Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) procedures, and 690 T2 MRI scans. Furthermore, the organization has organized 3,160 blood donation camps, conducted a total of 20,904 HBA2 tests, and achieved a registration count of 3,909 individuals. These accomplishments signify the relentless dedication to the cause and the unwavering commitment to creating a healthier future for all.


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