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Singireddy Niranjan Reddy Warns of Potential Darkness if Congress Assumes Power in Telangana

Mahabubnagar, November 28, 2023:

Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Agriculture Minister and incumbent Wanaparthy constituency BRS candidate, raised concerns about the future of Telangana under Congress rule during the final day of his election campaign.

Emphasizing the state's achievements over the past decade, Reddy warned that a shift in power to the Congress party could lead Telangana back into darkness.

Reddy criticized the Congress party, citing a lack of strong leadership and expressing fears that even if a strong leader were to emerge, they would be controlled as puppets by central Congress leaders. This, according to Reddy, would hinder prompt decision-making on crucial policy matters, impacting the pace of development and the welfare of the state's people.

While expressing confidence in the BRS party's victory and formation of the government, Reddy voiced concerns about Congress leaders spreading fear among the youth and women, attempting to sway their opinions. He assured that once the BRS party secures its government for the third term, priority will be given to addressing the concerns of unemployed youth, filling government job vacancies systematically, and creating job opportunities through new industries and investments.

Highlighting the BRS government's achievements, Reddy pointed to initiatives such as Rythu Bhandu and Rythu Bheema for farmers, the rapid completion of Kaleshwaram and Palamuru Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation projects within two years, providing irrigation to over 20 lakh acres. He commended the visionary leadership of KCR, focusing on welfare, healthcare, and education, transforming Telangana into a model state.

Expressing a grim scenario, Reddy warned that a Congress government might allow Telangana Genco to enter an MoU with Karnataka, diverting power supply to Karnataka industries and plunging Telangana into darkness. Urging the public to vote for the BRS party's car symbol, Reddy called for a decisive victory.

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