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OurBetterPlanet, a curated platform for sustainable products held ‘Conscious Souk 3.0

Hyderabad, July 16th, 2022: OurBetterPlanet, a curated platform for sustainable products held ‘Conscious Souk 3.0’, an exhibition cum sale of garments, accessories, and collectables made from the environment and ecologically friendly sources. The day-long exhibition has attracted many prominent socialites. OurBetterPlanet intends to help the customers choose a better lifestyle and create a positive impact on the environment. The exhibition was held at Hyatt Place on Saturday. It started at 11AM and continued till midnight, and many people from all sects of the society participated in the event

The platform’s pop-up event, Conscious Souk is an initiative that has presented unique brands with a great story to various markets. It has promoted a collaborative environment for businesses to connect on the ethos of sustainability while expanding their business reach to new markets. OurBetterPlanet aspires to create a community of like-minded people all doing their bit for a better environment.

Some of the brands presented in the exhibition cum sale are,

Cancelled plans - clothes and bags from recycled pharmaceutical waste

Rimagined - work with all forms of waste from tyres, cloths scarps,

Crewel - From Srinagar

Carpets, covers

Effy - run by 6 women

Baka & silver linings - sustainable ethical jewellery

Cancelled plans - clothes and bags from recycled pharmaceutical waste

Kindora - sustainable toys made using organic wood, cotton and kid-friendly materials

Commenting on the event, Ms Pallavi Srivastava, Founder & CEO, OurBetterPlanet said, “The third chapter of Conscious Souk in Hyderabad in association with DAV Media was held on Saturday. The first was organized in Goa and the second in Bangalore. All the event activities planned have the sole aim of generating a buzz and making sustainability an accepted norm, along with introducing the relevant brands to new audiences. We are excited to bring together a group of carefully curated brands from across the country in different segments from fashion, decor, wellness, accessories and so much more and to enable every participating brand to convey their brand story as a part of the sustainable ecosystem.”

OurBetterPlanet is a curated platform to aware individuals who are conscious of their purchases and are mindful of the impact it creates. Our choices if made correctly have the power to add to/reduce the current environmental, social, and economic issues being faced by our planet. An array of ethically sourced and produced offerings are being made available on the platform after careful curation and interactions with social enterprises and organizations who are working with local artisans, natural produce, and socially deprived communities and helping drive attention to legitimate causes.


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