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New Hope For Patients Suffering From Knee Pain Due To Osteochondral Lesion At KIMS-SUNSHINE Hospitals

Hyderabad, July 2, 2024: We are proud to inform you that the first ever Episealer Knee Implant will be performed on the 3rd of July 2024 in KIMS- Sunshine , Begumpet , Hyderabad

Dr A.V. Gurava Reddy, Chief Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon, Chairman - of Sunshine Bone & Joint Institute, and Managing Director - of KIMS-SUNSHINE Hospitals will be addressing the Press after the Surgery. In this press meet KIMS-SUNSHINE Chief Operating Officer Sudhakar Jadav and Orthopaedic doctors participated press meet.

This would be the first case accomplished in the AP & Telangana region.

This surgery will be conducted in KIMS - Sunshine by Dr Kushal Hippalgaonkar, Executive Director, Sunshine Hospitals ,certified Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon with Prof. Leif Ryd, Former Professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Founder of the company Episurf Medical AB. after the surgery Dr Kushal told “A painful knee due to cartilage injuries in the young is crippling to patients. The current treatment options have several limitations. Episealer is a custom-made implant from Sweden that overcomes many of these limitations providing a pain-free life for the patients. It has benefitted hundreds of patients abroad and is finally here for our patients in India”

Introduction: Normal Knee – the Femur, Patella, Tibia and the Cartilage

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body, connecting the femur (thigh bone), the tibia (shin bone) and the patella (knee cap). It is a weight-bearing joint that allows the leg to move and to bend. Further, the surfaces where one bone meets the other is covered by a spongy material called cartilage. It acts as a shock absorber and it is lubricated by joint fluid that ensures low friction in the joint.

The New Solution: Joint Resurfacing with Episealer  - An Individualised Implant for the Treatment of Focal Osteochondral Defects and Early Osteoarthritis lesions

Episurf Medical has developed a personalised treatment option that replaces the affected area of the joint surface. The goal of the surgery is to restore the knee function and reduce the pain significantly, as well as stop or delay the need for a joint replacement surgery.

The individualised design of the Episealer Knee Implant is based on MR imaging. By data processing, a virtual 3D model of the damaged knee surface is created, and the lesion is defined. Subsequently, the Episealer and instruments are designed to remove the damaged tissue as well as to restore the area with a perfectly fitting implant. Using the Epiguide during surgery increases the precision of the surgical procedure for optimal positioning of the implant.

The Episealer is made of cobalt-chrome alloy. The part of the Episealer that is countersunk in the bone and cartilage is covered with a titanium undercoating and a hydroxyapatite outer coating, ensuring a quick and lasting fixation to the bone.


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