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New Advanced IVF LAB and Happy Motherhood at Ferty9 Fertility Center, Secunderabad Inagurated

Hyderabad, March 10, 2021: A landmark fertility center has come to rescue for prospective parents looking for world-class treatment and services. Ferty9 Hospital and Research Center is here to transform a new phase in the emerging world of healthcare. The World of Infertility Treatment demands highest quality and standards at par with western countries. For the first time in India, Ferty9 is coming up with a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility which is sure to create ripples in the town. For Women, Motherhood is a divine gift and a great joy which is an accepted fact. The changing life style, changes in climate, professional life, increased pressure and stress have led to rampant problem of childlessness. This news has come as a boon to the people of Telangana as the state is experiencing a dynamic change due to global cultural shift as this city is redefining itself into a global city. Especially considering the fact that, pandemic has caused more stress in the lives of young couples.

Our State of the Art IVF Facility : Setting up an ideal IVF lab is vital to the success of our company.Two aspects need to be considered for an IVF lab and that is environmental design and instrument choice. AHU( Air Handling Unit) provides filtered air to handle gametes and embryos. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)emitted by various means in IVF lab and one need to check its level for best functionality of the lab. We have very sensitive VOC meter which measures VVC in ppb parts per billion. Embryo culture needs best possible environment. Incubator which can mimic like invivo. Embryos cultured at 5% which shows improved development. In the past few years, Ferty9 Fertility Center has been striving to comprehensively address this crucial issue rapidly through proper diagnosis of reasons for childlessness and providing appropriate treatment with the help of modern medical procedures along with embracing latest technological innovations in the medical science. The Medical/Research team of Ferty9 Fertility Center led by the leadership of Dr. C. Jyothi, MBBS, DGO, MRCOG (London) has grown its presence through its network of branches spread across the city in prime locations like Secunderabad, Kukatpally, Ameerpet, Dilsukhnagar, Karimnagar , Vijayawada. We are growing at a phenomenal pace, and this can be simply attributed to our esteemed customers who are our Prime Brand Ambassadors. We are happy to announce that this service will begin on March 10th-2021 starting with Secunderabad office and on this happy occasion, free consultation and 10%-20% discount in treatment charges would be provided. For personalized consultation or counseling related to childlessness you can visit any of the Ferty9 Fertility Centers,

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