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mfine launches India’s first outpatient care program for corporate employees in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 22 January 2019: mfine, an AI-driven, on-demand healthcare service that enables virtual medical consultations has reported strong adoption and growth in Hyderabad in the first three months of its launch. mfine has seen a three-fold growth in the city and has clocked over 6000 consultations till date. More than 5000 people in the city used mfine to connect with 100 doctors from 15 hospitals.

Today the company announced partnership with seven new hospitals, which include Century Super Speciality Hospital, Birthplace, Olivia Skin & Hair Clinic, Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Continental Hospitals, Ankura Hospital for Women & Children and Maxcure Group of hospitals.

Currently, Hyderabad accounts for 15% of consultations done on mfine and each month over 2000 consultations are recorded in the city. The company is on track to clock more than 100,000 consultations in Hyderabad by end of 2019. Some of the top doctors and specialists from the city consult on mfine and are able to reach out to patients across the country.

mfine also launched the Outpatient Care Program targeted at employees of corporates in Hyderabad; a first in India. mfine’s corporate subscription offers unlimited consultations and will cover all outpatient needs of an employee and their immediate family members, including parents, children and spouse. It will include long-term care programs for pregnant women and patients having chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, etc. The program includes additional home services such as lab testing and medicine delivery.

mfine will also provide various digital health tools for employees to track and manage their health, and allow them to connect with doctors from top specialty and super-specialty hospitals. mfine believes the outpatient care program will help corporates create a ‘wellbeing-focused workplace’ and also encourage them to build better employee retention. Offering hospitalization benefits is no longer sufficient and providing easy access to primary care at the premises is something all large companies will benefit from. The mfine corporate program will also enable personalised healthcare for employees where healthcare packages are curated based on historical health data of each individual. The program is running successfully in over 70 corporates in Bengaluru and touches upon thousands of employees.

mfine has pioneered the concept of AI-driven, on-demand mhealth solution that enables users to consult with doctors, virtually and when they need. The consultation covers complete diagnoses and a valid digital prescription. Users can securely store their health records and track various health parameters for themselves and for the entire family. On mfine, not only are users consulting for episodic illnesses like viral infections but also for chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Patients are also consulting for super specialties such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and fertility.


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