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Kids fair kick starts in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, December 28, 2018: The three day, 12th Edition of Hyderabad Kids Fair kicked off here in the city today at Hitex, Madhapur.  It is open to public from 11am to 9pm upto 30th December

Regarded as the India’s largest kids carnival, it was formally inaugurated by Shravan Raghav, Actor; Prashanth Singh, Film Director.

Speaking on the occasion film star Shravan said current generation kids are lucky to have carnivals like this. And we never had such things in our generation. Parents who are supposed to be first teachers and home the first school, they don’t have time for kids. They can’t wash off their hands merely by paying school fee and leave the responsibility of shaping, nurturing kids to schools.  I am being film star, I make it a point to spend minimum three hours with my kids he said. 

Teaching Coding for three year old kids is something most unusual noticed in the Fair.  Two organisations—JUNU and Tlx Robotics are organising Coding programs for three year old kids.

The future is completely Robotics. That is why we offer coding program for three year olds says Prasoona of Tlx Robotics.  Future belong to those who prepare today informed representative of JUNU. 

Tlx Robotics also showcased Smart and Mobile plant, which follows light and moves along with the light. The smart plant is equipped to take water on its own whenever the soil becomes dry informed Prasoona. 

Eshwari Reddy and Madhu Reddy sisters who set up Nandini Enabs Creations offered free training on Flower Making, Slime Making, Stick Puppet Making, Sand Art Painting, Doll Making and many other unique crafts.  They are the ones who are teaching Devansh, the grandson of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.


Armour 8 showcased long lasting anti bacterial Nano spray. One spray is sufficient for 30days. It removes harmful bacteria, other epidemic germs and protects kids. This spray is an ideal thing to spray on Mobile, Tablet, Dolls, Currency notes and any surface to make sure that the place is bacteria free. 

UGEARS India showcased Educational(Mechanical) Beautiful Wooden Working Model’s. 

M. Sangeetha of BrainWonders spoke about its patented DMIT—Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. It is a genetic test that costs Rs 5000/-. 3 to 80 years old can get this test done to find out their personal traits, to know their strengths and weaknesses, 16 Innate Intelligence etc and others.  

There is a disconnect between parents, teachers and students. Education system is growing through very bad phase she said. Amma, mother who in the past was home bound and could take care of kids. Now kids are left out for external help to groom she said. 

Viplove Srivastava of Grolier, an American Organisation in home learning said “kids learn TV and Mobile much earlier than they read books. Home is the first school and parents first teacher. But parents don’t have time for kids. Nearly 7000 kids are home schooling in India and three crore all over the world every year, he said. 

Einstein who was home schooler became a great scientist. His mother who was illiterate was a great teacher. Our parents must open up their mind to this fact and focus on kids he said.  

Grolier provides home steady tools and material. With books, tools worth Rs 35,000/-, kids can complete ten tears of studies he informed.  This biannual flagship event organized by HITEX, Hyderabad promotes healthy growth in children through creativity, positive thinking, and confidence building activities. Hyderabad Kids’ Fair produces an unforgettable winter holiday experience for kids with special moments and priceless memories.

Some of the exhibitors include Shemrock, LearnPlay, Kittens, Grolier, Gavins, ItsMyTutor, Toy Factory, Orchids, Game Point, Sciensation, JUNU, Alpha Intl and others. 

The Hyderabad Kids’ Fair is expected to attract about 50,000 visitors Hyderabad Kids’ Fair has edutainment extravaganza comprising games, fun learning, competitions, interactive workshops, art & crafts, kids’ run, kids’ fashion show, quiz, robotics & science exhibits, music, fun rides, role-plays, magic show, yummy food and performances popular comic characters.


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