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INIFD’s 17th Annual Graduation Ceremony held in Hyd

Hyderabad, October 15, 2019: The INIFD Himayathnagar branch’s 18TH Annual Graduation Ceremony held here in the city at Hotel Grand Kakatiya in a glittering function. 95 Fashion and Interior Design students who passed out were given away Graduation Certificates Mr Anil Khosla. CEO INIFD; Ms Ritu Kochhar, Corporate Director INIFD and Mr Sanjay Saraswat Centre Director, INIFD Himayatnagar, Designer Pallavi Anchuri graced the function.

Awards for various achievements, National and International achievers were given away. Deepal Jain, student of INIFD Himayatnagr who got selected to present her Collection “Modern Strings” at Lakmé Fashion Week this August; others Namesh Jain, Mamta Goel who represented at various national and international fashion weeks awarded trophies. Designer and Chief Guest Pallavi Anchuri said It is big designer world out there. Only skills matter. Keep learning. Never be content with what you have achieved.

Today, Fashion industry does not just cater to younger generations but caters to people of all ages. Fashion designers design clothes for every occasion, from wedding to parties, conferences, media appearances and even funerals. So we see a bright future for us said passing out student, Pranithi.

India is an epicentre of textiles.  It is the largest exporter of garments and fabrics.  It is also the second largest producer of Silk. The designs of Indian Fashions Designers are also appreciated internationally for their uniqueness and elegance, which again is a plus point for a promising career ahead of us said a passing out graduate.

INIFD is the World’s Largest Global network of Design Institutes. With 25 years of legacy, over 5 Lac Pass Outs and approximately 25,000 students passing out every year. INIFD and INIFD Academy of Interiors are the well-known institutes in INDIA have achieved a remarkable degree of excellence in training student for both Fashion and Interior Designing. It has 183 centers across India and has a global presence in 13 countries and 4 continents. INIFD has a unique e-learning student portal MYINIFD – My Own World of Design to completely digitize education Speaking on the occasion, Mr Anil Khosla, CEO of INIFD said, “It is a matter of pride not only for INIFD but for the whole country that the young aspiring designers have established a mark at London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week”. He congratulated Deepali Jain for a stunning showcase at the premium platform INIFD Launchpad during Lakme Fashion Week at Mumbai recently.

Focus 100%, give your 100% and you will get 100%. The graduation certificate that is in your hands is prestigious. But, that is just a piece of paper. It has no meaning without your hard work. You have to build your own career, said Anil Khosla.

INIFD Corporate Director Ms Ritu Kochchar said, INIFD students have a unique opportunity as they are learning from Ace Designer Manish Malhotra through online design courses, where Manish Malhotra shares all his experiences and insights into the world of Fashion”.

There is no rural and urban divide. Everybody wants to look good, prefer designer clothes, she added. Design profession has great future ahead stated Ritu.

Mr Sanjay Saraswat, Centre Director of INIFD Himayatnagar said, “Hyderabad is a Fashion Capital of South India. There is an abundant talent here to be nurtured. INIFD Designers are creating ripples on international design platforms. At INIFD, we give a great learning experience to the design students, which provide them with direct hands of experience of being a star designer.


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