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India’s first B2B Transport and Logistics Platform focused on MSMEs launched by SMBXL

Hyderabad, 28 July 2022: SMBXL, a leading MSME Digital platform, launched “LOGISTICSCENTRAL,” India’s first B2B transport and logistics platform which is focused on fulfilling the growing transport and logistics needs of the Indian MSMEs. LOGISTICSCENTRAL streamlines the transport and logistics process for MSMEs by allowing them the freedom to choose verified delivery partners according to their requirements, from a single platform.

SMBXL created LOGISTICSCENTRAL after engaging with over 25,000 MSME customers who felt that the existing transport and logistics facilities available to them were cumbersome and difficult to operate. LOGISTICSCENTRAL completes the MSME business ecosystem by fulfilling one-off or flexible transport and logistics requirements of businesses in the MSME sector. Bigger transport and logistics companies require monthly commitment in terms of numbers, size, and volume, which is not suitable for MSMEs.

LOGISTICSCENTRAL has partnered with MSME Transport operators and logistics service providers, to create a reliable and dependable eco-system which will prove beneficial to Indian MSMEs. Over twenty transport operators and transport unions, with a fleet size of over two hundred half-trucks, tempos, and trolleys, are already part of this ecosystem and collectively they can deliver goods to over twenty states covering Metros, Mini Metros and Tier 2,Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns and cities.

The LOGISTICSCENTRAL “recommendation engine” (a proprietary algorithm developed by SMBXL) suggests verified transporters to MSMEs based on their shipping requirements like material, location, weight, and volume/dimensions (LXBXH). The suitable transporters (as defined by LOGISTICSCENTRAL’S “recommendation engine”) receive real time delivery requests from MSMEs based on their delivery capabilities. The MSMEs can then connect with the right transporters for their delivery needs and complete their business transaction.

Preeti Ubale, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SMBXL flagged off the first truck on 28th July 2022. Speaking at the launch of LOGISTICSCENTRAL, she said, “We believe that transport and logistics solutions need to be made simple, intuitive, and easy for Indian MSMEs and LOGISTICSCENTRAL aims to do just that. Our platform, apart from offering traditional routing solutions, also optimizes capacities and delivery schedules and helps track orders through to final delivery. Our platform also allows our MSME transport and logistics customers to reach out to other MSMEs and offer them cost-effective and reliable transport solutions. For other MSMEs, who are present on our digital commerce platform- MARKETCENTRAL, we offer a reliable and dependable transport and logistics partner. This is ideally a platform which is RUN BY THE MSMEs and FOR THE MSMEs.”

LOGISTICSCENTRAL can be accessed through a mobile, a laptop, or a desktop. The Company is also working on a multilingual APP which should be ready for roll-out in the near future.

LOGISTICSCENTRAL focuses on removing transport and logistics hurdles for the MSMEs who find managing multi-geography transport distribution unpredictable and challenging. The platform will allow over 25,000 MSMEs, who are currently on SMBXL’s digital commerce platform, to choose from an extensive list of transport and logistics companies that can cater to their specific delivery demands.

LOGISTICSCENTRAL’s “recommendation engine” also helps MSMEs with route optimization and provide suggestions that are specific to the weight and dimensions of the material as well as the distance and pin code, to which it needs to be transported.

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