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Homeocare International launches immunity booster kits

Hyderabad June 19, 2020: The Homeocare International, a reputed world class homeopathy clinics chain has launched immuity booster kits in Hyderabad.

According to authorities from Homeocare International these immunity booster kits consisting of preventive homepathic medicines to fight against the coronavirus. "With the out break of the novel coronavirus it is of paramount importance to take every precautionary measure possible to increase immunity of our body. Particularly for persons with chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, spondylitis, thyroid, hypertension, liver, kidney and heart problems it is very important to make sure they develop their body immunity so as to withstand the possible virus attack," observed the spokes person from Homeocare international.

With the immune booster kits provided by the Homeocaree international it offers the people to improve their body resistance against the deadly the corona virus .

There fore, to acknowledge the need of the hour Homeocare International is also launching a specialty immunity course wherein Homeocare international will provide a 12 month free immunity booster course to all its new and old patients as well as their families to help fight against viruses and any other infections naturally with out any side effects.

So far over 1 core immunity booster kits have been distributed all over India including 

judiciary of high court and all courts of Telangana and their families. immunity booster kits have also been distributed to judiciary of the high court and all courts of Andhra Pradesh and their families. Kits are also distributed to National Industrial Security Academy, Hyderabad

Guntur and Nellore police personnel and their families and many other organisation 

The Immunity booster kits are available in all 50 Homeocare International clinics all over south India.

Homeocare international is now present across 4 states and one Union Territory i.e Puducherry, it has a team of over 300 Homeopathic experts and specialized doctors the clinics are know to successfully treat various chronic and incurable diseases like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, problems of infertility and hormone imbalances etc. 


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