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Educo Accelerate Platform launch event@Hyderabad

Hyderabad,June 23 2022: Several senior executives of Educo International Group, an international education group, visited Hyderabad today. EduCo is based in Melbourne, Australia, helping international students receive a quality education at popular destinations, including the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. Among the visiting staff were Educo Senior Vice Presidents Adam Roberts, Chami Jayamaha and Pankaj Rattan. Educo has invested in having staff in India for over 10 years and today more than 50 of their local student recruitment partners attended the Educo Accelerate Platform launch event. Accelerate is a digital platform that uses data and analytics from over 100,000 applications to help students access the right course at the best university. A well-respected leader in the international education industry, Roberts stressed the importance of students choosing the right school for their studies and applying as soon as possible to avoid delays in admissions and visa processing.


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