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Dronacharya Awardee Pullela Gopichand launched Ekluvya

Hyderabad, December 14, 2021: At a glittering ceremony at Taj Vivanta, Dronacharya Awardee Pullela Gopichand launched Ekluvya - an Edtech company that aims to maximize a kid’s learning potential. Dr G Ranjith Reddy, Member of Parliament (MP) and Mr. Tirupathi Reddy, Director, SR hatcheries have participated in the launch. The $10 bn Edtech market has been growing at a rapid pace since the onset of COVID. Ekluvya is its newest entrant.

Speaking on the occasion Gopichand said “I usually don’t endorse brands. On rare occasions that I agree, I do it only after rigorously studying every aspect of the organization. In Ekluvya, I saw a hungry team that wants to right a lot of wrongs happening in our childhood learning.”

What makes Ekluvya stand out of the cluttered market seems to be their choice of people. Apart from cherry picking great teachers, they are also betting on storytellers, filmmakers, and artists.

“Only about 12-15% of kids are really interested in studying. There is a huge set of kids that are distracted. They pursue learning only because their parents ask them to. The biggest challenge hence is not in lecturing them about various subjects, but in engaging them. Firing up curiosity propels them to self-education. That’s our endgame. Which is why we are investing in talent that knows how to engage disinterested students” says Santhosh Reddy Anagandula the Chairman of Ekluvya.

Surprisingly, one of the first products to come out of the Ekluvya stable isn’t an academic course.

“All of us want our kids to rise up in life, but we don’t gift them the tools to achieve their goals. Ekluvya School of Superpowers aims to fill that gap. We are offering 12 courses under this umbrella. There are a few courses that help kids ace their exams like Mega Memory, Quick Learning, Critical Thinking, Doodling for note taking and A Mind for Science. There are a few that teach them life skills like surviving anything, the secrets of the wealthy, the science of being happy. There are a couple that coach them on winning habits, on breaking out of their shyness and leading people” says Aneil Deepak, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ekluvya.

“We spend lots of money buying transient things for our kids. We treat them to burgers, take them out for movies. Our courses are priced at the cost of a family dinner. But the impact of these courses will last a lifetime. As parents that’s the best thing we can do. Putting our kids on the path to success.” says Sunil Reddy, the Co-Founder & COO of Ekluvya.

“School of Super Powers is only the first of a dozen other learning products that we will be launching. We are working on a revolutionary academic course that we will launch in April. We are pretty excited about it.” concluded Nagesh Pendem, Ekluvya’s CAO.


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