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Deccan Hospital celebrates world Kidney Day

Hyderabad March 12, 2020: The Deccan Hospitals has celebrated the World Kidney Day celebrated on March 2, 2020 and took part in a global awareness campaign.

In fact, the World Kidney Day started in the year 2006, aims to raise awareness of the

importance of our kidneys to our overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.

Theme of world kidney day 2020 was Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere – from Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Care Kidney disease is a non-communicable disease (NCD) and currently affects around 850 million people worldwide. One in ten adults has chronic kidney disease(CKD).

The global burden of CKD is increasing, and is projected to become the 5th most common cause of years of life lost globally by 2040. Chronic kidney disease is a major cause of catastrophic health expenditure.

The costs of dialysis and transplantation consume 2–3% of the annual healthcare budget in high-income countries; spent on less than 0.03% of the total population of these countries. In low-income and middle-income countries, most people with kidney failure have insufficient access to lifesaving dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Crucially, kidney disease can be prevented and progression to end-stage kidney disease can be delayed with appropriate access to basic diagnostics and early treatment Deccan Hospital celebrates the World Kidney Day year after year with increasing dedication and increasing enthusiasm.

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