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Covid Surge Impact Alliance (CSIA) Supports Over 4200 COVID-19 Cases In Its First Month Of Operation

Hyderabad, 27th May 2021: The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of society. With lack of isolation centers, hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, an initiative Covid Surge Impact Alliance (CSIA) was launched by Hyderabadis, consisting of 20 stakeholders from variousNGOs, Corporates and industries associations who have come together and are actively coordinating relief activities in the state of Telangana and are delivering direct and indirect aid to the people.

COVID SURGE IMPACT ALLIANCE (CSIA) powered by Surge Impact Foundation (SIF) provides three key services; an organized, easy to use Web App with real-time and verified data at; an Emergency Bed Helpline which is supported by HRH Technologies 040-67419503; and, a One-to-One Personalized Patient Request Management System with 24*7 helpline No. +91 83673 74231 which is powered by Surge Impact Foundation.

CSIA began working on 21st April and within a month, it has, with the help of over 500 volunteers, processed over 4236 COVID-19 cases of which 1987 were for plasma, 1312 for hospital beds, 627 requiring medication, 532 needing oxygen and 392 cases needing other help like food delivery, doctor consultations, last rites etc. The alliance made 100+ calls daily to verify resources availability and credibility for Oxygen cylinder, concentrators, medicines etc. CSIA was able to provide support in terms of verified resources of medical needs and direct aid to nearly 1500 cases. Mr. Raj Janagam, Director of Surge Impact Foundation said, “It is heartening to see the number of hours and quality time that the volunteers have put into saving lives through our helpline. We've not only established a helpline that can be scaled and merged with larger public authorities, we are also happy to share that our resource bank is the largest dataset and continues to serve the backend knowledge base for many other helplines."


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