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Century hospital doctors practically explained how to perform CPR

Hyderabad, 11th February 2023: Cardiac arrests and heart attacks have been on the rise in recent times. In this context, the common people have the opportunity to immediately save those, who suffer from such ailments. For this, all they need is only a little bit of training. The doctors of Century hospital have given such training to many students and the common people. People from the surrounding communities and students came in large numbers on Saturday to learn these skills. The doctors have explained and practically shown them how to take up the Basic Life Support (BLS) procedures and how to perform CPR. But, it is not possible for the common people, without any medical knowledge to perform CPR only by knowing the theory. So, the doctors brought in Laerdel Little Anne mannequins and demonstrated how exactly to perform CPR. So, the people first learned the theory and then, practically performed the procedure on the mannequins. If anybody did a mistake, doctors corrected them and asked to repeat the procedure. By doing so, they are fully prepared to save precious lives.

Dr. Seran Reddy, Critical Care Consultant explained the details. "As per the guidelines given by American Heart Association (AHA), whenever you see an unresponsive person, BLS protocol has to be followed. Verifying the scene safety followed by checking the carotid pulse and chest movements for not more than 10 seconds is important. If the patient is not at all responding, we should immediately call 108 and start doing CPR. The survival chances of the patient are 90-95% if we start CPR within 3 to 4 minutes of the cardiac arrest. We have to give 100-120 compressions per minute at the lower 1/3rd of Sternum. And the compression should be 5-6 centimeters. Then the blood flow will restore. We have to give breath two times after every 30 compressions. Meanwhile, the emergency team will come and check whether they need to give a shock with AED or not based on the rhythm. If needed, they will give a shock.

It takes exactly two hours to learn CPR. Anyone who is more than 8-10 years old can learn this skill easily. There can be no greater joy than performing a successful CPR and resuscitating a patient. It is also very easy to learn," he said.

Critical Care Consultant Dr. Saran Reddy, Emergency Physician Dr. Sandeep Reddy, Medical Superintendent Dr. Rajasekhar, General Physician Dr. Parveen, ENT Surgeon Dr. Chaitanya, and Critical Care Specialist Dr. Sagar participated in the training program.


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