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BC leaders fired against Devarkadra MLA for his derogatory remarks against media and woman

Mahabubnagar October 11, 2020: Rachala Ugandhar Goud, State BC welfare Association Principal Secretary had expressed his ire against Devarkadra MLA Ala Venkateshwar Reddy for his derogatory remarks against media and un respectful behavior against a public representative recently.

While speaking at a press conference in Kottakota of Wanaparthy district on Sunday Rachala Ugandhar said that the MLA has referred media persons as ‘Gottam Gallu’ and made some derogatory remarks against media representatives. He also said that during a recent public meeting in Devarkadra, the MLA had lost his cool and behaved unruly with a woman public representative by waving his hand against her threateningly.

“Though the Devarkadra MLA does a self publicity that he is a well knowledgeable person and knows everything, but we are questioning him, doesn’t he know how to behave with woman and also doesn’t he know by making derogatory remarks against media persons he is trying to shut the mouth’s who question him. The MLA has clearly lost his cool and is forgetting that he is a public representative and has to behave well. But instead he is behaving unruly because he thinks that he is having government sport and can do whatever he likes. But media will not be quite, media persons are delivering their duties by questioning the MLA. But the MLA is trying to suppress the democratic and constitutional rights of people to freely express their opinion by suppressing and disrespecting media,” said Ugandhar Goud.

The BC leader demanded the MLA to come out with open apology to the media and the woman public representatives, or else they warned the BCs will take out a state wide agitation against the MLA for his untoward remarks against media and women folks.

BC leaders S.K Anjaaneilu sagar, Balaraju Goud, Anjanna Yadav, Suresh Babu, Nakka Ramulu, Balija Ravi, Baja Nagaraju and others participated in the meeting.


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