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Awareness with 50 people who underwent joint replacement under KIM'S Sunshine Hospital

Hyderabad 13th October 2022: On World Arthritis Day KIMS SUNSHINE Hospitals Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. A. V Gurava Reddy informed to lose weight, do regular exercises and use androprotective Tablets like Glucosamine. An awareness walk was conducted with 50 people who have undergone knee replacement and hip replacement surgery as they are leading a smooth life. This walk was conducted from the hospital through Paradise circle and balloons were flown to spread awareness about arthritis.

Later, in a meeting organized at Hospital Shanta Auditorium, Dr. Gurava Reddy said that not all people suffering from joint-related problems need surgery, only those who have gone to the last stage and use the staircase frequently is good for the heart but not for the knees. He also said that swimming, cycling, and walking are important. There are no drugs to stop knee osteoarthritis, they only to strengthen the cartilage. About the injections for pain, in the knees he said that he does not believe in that and he ia not encouraging and suggesting to not to do the stem cells, and plasmapheresis . He said that the treatments are still in the experimental stage. It is not known whether these treatments will work for this patient. Age has nothing to do with the operation, anyone from 30 to 90 years of age can undergo it, depending on the condition of their knees he said. There is a misconception that the operation means that one has to lie on the bed, but everyone here openly says that this is not true. He also said that the patient will be discharged on the second day after the operation. Lying in bed for three months is just a myth, if someone has been lying in bed for three months that means surgery got failed or any other problem.

Due to the excessive use of steroids during covid, we have seen people suffering from hip arthritis due to reduced blood flow to the hip joints so hip replacement is the only correct way for this. He said that any hip joint replacement surgery will be normal within a month, and if it is done in the presence of an experienced doctor in a good hospital, there will be no problem for 20 to 25 years. He said that there are good results through the newly available robotic technology. There are three benefits of doing surgery ourselves with the help of a robot. First, the pain is less, the leg can be bent easily and the recovery is fast, In order to prevent arthritis at a very young age, obesity should be reduced, exercises should be done to strengthen the thigh muscles, along with regular walking and cycling, and avoid using Indian toilets. Those suffering from knee pain can live a smooth life without any fear by taking treatment in the presence of expert doctors. Along with those who have undergone knee and hip joint replacements from Somalia, America, and across the state, Kim's Sunshine Hospital Orthopaedic Department Consultants Dr. Chiranjeevi, Dr. Gopal Reddy, Dr. Kushal, Dr. Adarsh, Hospital RCOO Saurabh Guptha, Executive Director Diwakar Reddy and the hospital staff participated in the walk.


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