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Awareness on menstrual health

Awareness on monthly changes among women should be increased.

Pure representative Sandhya Gollamudi.

Pure Femme Song and Film, Pure Guru, Pure Human Awards on April 4

Upasana Kamineni Konidela who will start the program.

Hyderabad, 31st March 2021: : Pure spokesperson Sandhya Gollamudi said the organization would conduct awareness programs on monthly changes in women. Upasana Kaminey Konidela will launch Pure Femme Song and Film, Pure Guru, Pure Human Awards on April 4. She was speaking at an event organized at Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad on Wednesday Pure Femur Hygiene Hygiene Awareness Campaign. Focus on managing menstruation adequately and with respect for adolescent girls. The goal of the Pure Femme program is not to influence the girl's education. Easy access to hygiene products, demonstrating their use, and interactive sessions that help them understand adolescence ensure a supportive environment, including teachers and boys in conversation, to create a general state around this culturally taboo topic. Provide education on menstrual hygiene for girls. So that they have the confidence and authority to make informed decisions on how to manage menstruation. Promote menstrual education for teachers, boys, and parents. Thereby helping them to break down negative social norms. Allow girls to stay in school by giving them access to hygienic menstrual products, toilets, water, and disposal options.

Children who help children around the world. Pure Youth, a leadership program, aims to discuss and raise awareness about the impact of education on society through a number of projects and fundraising. With a strong foundation of dedicated elementary, middle, and high school ambassadors spread across the United States, Pure Youth serves to better understand public school standards. Provides assistance to schools in developing countries around the world. Pure Youth supports projects from all program areas. Causes Pure Champions. It gives them an opportunity to understand the impact on lives that can help change. Pure, People for Urban and Rural Education, is not a for-profit organization founded in 2016 to bring educational and livelihood opportunities closer to economically disadvantaged children, disadvantaged youth and the general population. Attempts to address deficiencies in backward rural and urban schools, children's shelters and special needs centers. Work diligently to facilitate sustainable empowerment through education with full transparency and accountability to sponsors. Empowering a specific population through the gifts of education and mobility, reaffirming our belief in a quality life for all. Wants to bring students from different socio-economic and geographical backgrounds together for a better tomorrow.


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