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Annual tradition Cake Mixing ceremony at Hotel Daspalla in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, November 01, 2023: Hotel Daspalla Hyderabad has been maintaining this tradition for many years now.In preparation of this ceremony, the Culinary Team of the Hotel had collected and kept ready huge amount of essential ingredients like raisins, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios, cranberries, blackberries, dates, prunes etc. all these ingredients were neatly arranged, eventually to be mixed with the spirits.

We believe that since the festival of X,Mas is a festival which is primarily oriented around children, why not to have school children help us in this ground breaking ceremony. So, like in the previous years, this year too, we had school children from Child Haven International School, a residential school for orphans at Kismatpur, grace the occasion. This year we had children from Class VI to VII, joining us for the Ceremony.

While the kids had a great time doing the Cake mixing with Team Daspalla, we were also pleasantly surprised with gracious presence of Shri Raghu Kuche, Music Director and Singer of Tollywood.

Now, these ingredients will be kept marinated in the spirits for a span of almost 45 days and thereafter the same will be used for making of X,Mas cakes and Puddings.

A sumptuous lunch was served to all the attendees, post the ceremony.

All the children, Hotel guests and the attendees were thanked by Mr. Rohit Ahuja, General Manager, Hotel Daspalla Hyderabad.


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