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Ammamma’s forays into Ready2cook food segment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 16, August,2019: Mangamma foods private Limited (MFPL),  a start up company, based in Hyderabad,  is entering into ‘Ready2cook’segment under the brand name of “ ammamma’s” by manufacturing range of fresh and high nutrition value foods in Chapati, poori and parota.

The company established its unit near Kukatpally in the city with the initial investment of Rs 25 lac in Ammamma’s food products  and this will support to cater 40k of chapati/poor/parota every single day.

Co-Founder of MFPL, Mr Nagasai Viswanath, who has successfully managed business in India and Africa , said that currently, the company is making the range of ready to cook packed products of high in fiber and low oil absorbing Poori and different nutrition values in Chapati—Plain Chapati, Raagi Chapati, Methi Chapati, Multi-grain Chapati and Moringa Chapati and Parota. Average cost of each Chapati if is at Rs 7/- a piece, the industry size would be 4cr a month,

Viswanath , said "‘Ammamma’s Chapati is made of 100 per cent whole wheat chakki fresh atta and follow the food products guidelines from food authorities and have a shelf life of seven days. We believe that Quality gives us continuous business and revenue.”

Currently, supplying to more than 30,000 houses and our products are accessible to more than 50,000 household/flats in different gated communities and apartments, he informed.

"Our reach is primarily driven by the promotion of entrepreneurs who could invest as low as Rs.2,500 to cater to the communities they live in or around them. We are looking forward to make a difference by contributing to the food needs of working women, senior citizens and for those looking for healthy but quick to cook meals and snacks segment, says Co-founder of the company, Prathima Viswanath,


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