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America's Wayland Baptist University Offers Competitive Pricing and Cultural Diversity, Targets Hyderabad for Students

Hyderabad, February 24th 2024: Wayland Baptist University, a century-old institution from United States, on Saturday unveiled plans to recruit students directly from Hyderabad, India, emphasizing global diversity and collaboration. Renowned for educational excellence, the university is strategically expanding its global footprint with diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, particularly focusing on Indian students. 

Dr. Bobby Hall, President of Wayland Baptist University, Cindy Marlow McClenagan, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Professor of English Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, Don Ashley, Alaska Region Executive Director and Dean, Director of Global Projects and Dr Daniel Brown, Vice President of Enrolment Management addressed the press conference on Saturday.

 Dr. Bobby Hall, President of Wayland Baptist University, highlighted the university's commitment to providing a transformative educational experience. The initiative includes competitive pricing, offering special tuition fees for the Master of Science in Business Analytics and Master of Science in Information Technology programs, making advanced business education more accessible at approximately $14,250 per year.

"This pricing structure not only enhances global accessibility to quality education but also enriches our academic community by fostering cultural diversity," emphasized Dr. Hall. 

Wayland Baptist University invites international students to immerse themselves in a vibrant academic and cultural environment emanating from its 116-year-old home campus in Plainview, Texas, combining small-town charm with academic excellence. Established in 1908, the university is known for academic rigor and holistic student development, attracting students globally. Dr. Hall reiterated the university's commitment to global engagement through diverse academic programs.

Collaborating exclusively with its international service partner, UniversityHub in Hyderabad, Wayland Baptist University aims to streamline recruitment efforts, particularly in IT and Business. The university will host a Spot Admission Event in India on Feb 28 at Aditya Park, Ameerpet, providing an opportunity for students to explore academic offerings and interact with university representatives.

Dr. Anil Palla, Founder of UniversityHub, expressed confidence in Wayland Baptist University's admissions process, emphasizing the university's compelling value proposition in business and education courses. UniversityHub, now an exclusive partner with Wayland Baptist University, offers free services, including assistance with standardized tests, university selection, visa interview preparation, and pre-departure orientations, enhancing Wayland Baptist University's commitment to global programs and international collaboration. 


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