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Advanced Opulent Gold Knee with VitElon-Vitamin E, Polyethylene Now in South India

Hyderabad 08 April 2019: Knee replacements are some of the most successful routine surgeries in the history of modern medicine. 40% of Indians above the age of 60 are suffering from Arthritis. The challenges however are mostly presented by younger patients with severe forms of Arthritis, who simultaneously demand higher functionality and longevity due to a longer life span.

VirinchiHospitals in Hyderabad

recently launchedBionic Gold Knees with long lasting Vitamin E enriched Polyethylene- Vitelon. According to Dr. Aditya Kapoor, Replacement and Knee Surgeon at Virinchi Hospitals, who performed the surgeries in a series of patients including overseas patients, excellent early recovery was seen. Although 40% of Indians above the age of 60 are suffering from Arthritis, challenges however present in increasingly younger patients with severe Arthritis.

Any replacement routinely includes a femoral component made of cobalt chromium, a tibial component, made of Titanium or Cobalt chromium and a plastic polyethylene which articulates with the femoral component. While this combination has been widely successful, the problem is the generation of metal ions and plastic debris which can lead to losing the impact and longevity,especially in younger active individuals.

The Opulent Knee incorporates proven Asian sizing in high flexion characteristics. In addition, gilded surface is created by a process called Nitriding, where a coating of Titanium niobium nitride is deposited into the implant by electrical energy. The highly polished and smooth surface reduces the friction and wear, imparts increased hardness and because of lower generation of debris; lesser inflammation. Incorporating Vitamin E into the polyethylene reduces oxidative stress thus lowering wear and tear of the polyethylene with lower debris. This combination is beneficial in younger patients with longer life span who require knee replacement surgery that will last longer along with early recovery and return to function.


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