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31-Year-Old Stroke Patient Receives Life-Saving Treatment at Medicover Hospitals A Success Story

HYDERABAD, February 10, 2023: Never give up! A stroke is a medical emergency that can strike people at any age. But with strong willpower and proper medical care, it's possible to overcome it.

Medicover hospital doctors saved the life of Mr. Kumar, a 31-year-old man diagnosed with an acute stroke. He was brought to the emergency room within three hours of the onset of stroke symptoms, in a state of drowsiness and complete paralysis of his left hand and leg. Dr. Randhir Kumar, Chief Consultant Neurosurgeon, and his team took up his case.

An MRI brain was done, which revealed a complete blockage of the middle cerebral artery. Mr. Kumar was taken to the cath lab, where Dr. Randhir Kumar and his team performed a mechanical thrombectomy.

Speaking about the case, Dr. Randhir Kumar said, “In response to the diagnosis, a catheter with a suction device and a stent retriever was used to remove the blockage in the middle cerebral artery.”

Further, he added that “the patient is now stable; the weakness in his hand and leg recovered completely with normal mental health, and he has been discharged without any neurological deficits. His condition is expected to improve further”.

Dr. Satheesh Kailasam, Medical Director Hrushikesh Center head, stated, “India has more than 1 million cases of an acute stroke every year. A stroke is a serious medical condition that needs a quick response. The sooner the treatment, the greater the chances of survival increase. Medicover hospitals are fully equipped with all medical facilities to handle any emergency. Our highly skilled physicians, backed by specially trained clinical staff, provide the finest care to our patients”.

Dr. Kailasam also praised the efforts of Randhir Kumar and his team, who completed the mechanical thrombectomy procedure on Mr. Kumar.

Mr. Kumar and his family expressed gratitude to the medical team at Medicover Hospitals for their outstanding care and successful treatment. They recognized the swift response of the emergency medical team and the expertise of the physicians and staff in providing high-quality medical care during a critical time.

Acute stroke is a cerebrovascular emergency. It is also known as “cerebrovascular accident” or “Brain attack”. Stroke occurs due to a sudden interruption of blood supply to the brain or a blood vessel rupture, resulting in bleeding in the brain. Stroke symptoms include sudden facial, hand, and leg weakness and speech difficulty. Risk factors for stroke include a sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking, and insufficient physical activity.

As per the Indian Stroke Association, millions of people suffer a stroke yearly. Due to inadequate preventive and stroke management facilities, most stroke-related deaths occur in lower - and middle-income countries, including India. Stroke cases have increased in India due to various factors, such as a sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, obesity and smoking.


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