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200 years of Ugra Narasimha temple At Rashtrapati Road Secundrabad

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hyderabad May 15th 2022: Ancestors say that during the British rule in 1920, about a year ago, the King's way, the Nizam's government decided to pave the way for the present President's Road and attempted to demolish the shrine by showing the temple and the temple garden and the property of Narasimhadas's house to the most sacred temple, the Bhajan Mandir Anesa. Speaking on the occasion, Raghu Ramdas, Chairman, Local Temple Trust, told the media that the temple was established by our forefathers and it is the deepest faith of the people that God is glorified and still intact. Even now, thousands of devotees come and pay homage to Ugra Narasimha. Still responding and begging to work for the development of the temple.


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