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Will pressurize govt to resolve journalists problems, says TUWJ (IJU) state secretary

Mahabubnagar, 10 Nov 2022

Telangana Union of Working Journalists, State Secretary Paper Srinu, while taking part in meeting held by members of TUWJ, Mahabubnagar at Reveneue Bhavan in the district on Thursday said that he is aware of various problems facing the journalists and will pressurize the state government to resolve them.

Earlier, the TUWJ (IJU) state secretary welcomed few journalists friends from various media’s like Metro News, Janam Sakhsi and others into the fold of TUWJ and felicitated them. While speaking on the occasion, he said that issues relating to accreditation cards, health cards, double bed room houses and others have been long pending and the journalists who are working in highly pressurized conditions are struggling to strike a balance with their normal lives and working challenges.

In view of this, the state government must consider the representations of the journalists on humanitarian grounds and resolve them without any further delay.

Before commencing the meeting the journalist members observed, a two-minute silence and paid tribute to a senior journalists who died recently. “The state government is turning a blind eye on the problems of the journalists. This is not a good trend. We will not keep quiet and put pressure on the government and see that the problems of the journalists are resolved at the earliest,” said Paper Srinu.


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