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Whizzy logistics laucnhes Whizzy mobile App

Hyderabad 23rd January 2019Whizzy Logistic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. launched a mobile application called ‘Whizzy’. This application provides delivery services and solutions to residential and small business customers via its sophisticated technology platform. This application helps the customers to pick-up and (or) drop off any item, buy anything from anywhere or any other type of tasks or errands that is required.

The promoters of the company Mr Ravi Gollapudi and Mr Ravi Bathi launched the Whizzy logo, mascot, website, application and its services. Talking about the mobile application, Mr Ravi Gollapudi said, “Whizzy stands out from the crowd by addressing a wide-spectrum of its customers’ needs across various sectors instead of being limited to the food or grocery delivery segment.” Mr Ravi Bathi said, “Whizzy has per-km pricing and charges based on the trip distance. By choosing Whizzy’s services, customers will invariably get free time which they can utilize to do more productive things like spending time with a loved one, indulging in a hobby or just cruising through the day in a stress-free way!”

Customers can get their tasks done via an app, a phone call, or WhatsApp. Moreover, customers can also use WOW (Whizzy on Web) to place and track multiple requests. Requests can be made in real-time or can be scheduled. Whizzy also allows 4-hr and 8-hr packages for customers having multiple errands to be done in a day.

Whizzy provides quality service via their highly trained delivery personnel. The delivery personnel are expected to have conversational skills in English, Hindi, and a regional language. They need to be familiar with the delivery application, understand the company’s core values and principles, perfect the Whizzer code-of-conduct and have problem resolution & exception handling techniques. As part of their hiring process, Whizzy ensures that their delivery personnel have a smartphone, two-wheeler, driving license and a vehicle RC.

After launching its beta services in August this year for about 2 months, Whizzy opened up its services to the general populace in November. There has been a positive response for its services primarily through word of mouth publicity and, till date, has successfully completed over 3,000 deliveries covering over 15,000 kms. Speaking about Whizzy’s plan for Hyderabad, Mr Ravi Gollapudi said, “In Hyderabad, Whizzy is aggressively aiming to generate 15,000 requests per day through various marketing activities and is targeting a Whizzer headcount of 1,000 by the end of 2019,” furthermore, he said, “The plans for launching Whizzy in other cities in 2019-20 are also in the works.”

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