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Virinchi Hospitals spreads awarness on Ultrafiltration for Heart Failures

Hyderabad 12th August 2019: Virinchi Hospital introduces new treatment procedure of ultrafiltration technique in Patients suffering from Cardiac and renal failure and successfully treated patients with good success rate.

Providng awarness on the same, the experts from Virinchi Hospital shared their experience of using the new technology.

Accroding to experts, heart failure is becoming a major problem all over the world including India.   The patients of heart failure in India are 10 years younger compared to the rest of the world. 

A number of new modalities of treatment are coming into vogue for the treatment of acute decompensated heart failure.  Ultrafiltration is a way of removing fluid from the body in patients of heart failure for recovering them quickly.  The standard treatment of heart failure in the acute stage is with injections of diuretics which works in majority of the cases but there are some patients who are diuretic resistant, particularly so if there is renal failure.  In addition, the response to diuretics is unpredictable and can lead to change of salts in the blood called electrolytes. 

The ultrafiltration is an advanced technique of removing fluid from the body smoothly and predictably and with no change in electrolytes.  It is done using a machine that has come to India recently. Recently we have done ultrafiltration for a patient who is 61 years old and came with heart failure and renal failure. He was subjected to ultrafiltration in addition to standard treatment and responded very well. A total of 2000 ml of water was removed over two sittings of 10 hours each. There were no electrolyte disturbances. Patients condition improved significantly.

 Dr. Sarat Chandra, senior consultant cardiologist, Virinchi Hospital  said  that ultrafiltration is a useful technique in the treatment of heart failure patients especially if  they have renal failure. DR Sarat Chandra said that the ultrafiltration can restore the kidney’ s ability to respond to diuretics. It can reduce the chances of recurrence of heart failure.  

Dr K S Nayak, Senior consultant Nephrologist, Virinchi Hospital, said that there is close interaction between heart and kidney and that normal renal function makes treating heart condition easy. Ultra-filtration helps in stabilizing the patient of heart failure.

However, it is difficult to treat a patient with combined kidney and decompensated heart failure as diuretics which act on the kidney do not work, and a ‘vicious cycle’ is created, whereby, one worsens the other. In such a situation, using this dedicated machine and performing Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration (SCUF) can be life saving.   


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