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Vaishnaoi Group hosts Maruti Suzuki DEVIL’S CIRCUIT in Prestige City in Rajendranagar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, 18 December 2022: Vaishnaoi Group hosted the latest edition of the Maruti Suzuki Devil’s Circuit. The endurance event held at the Prestige City (A JV of Vaishnaoi group and Prestige group) located in Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. The Maruti Suzuki Devil’s Circuit had over 5000 participants from across the country vying for the title.

The land for the Maruti Suzuki Devil’s Circuit was provided by the Vaishnaoi Group and the prestige group are hosting the event. The Devil’s Circuit event for Hyderabad is held on 18th Dec,2022 and will see the participants compete with each other as they aim to complete the obstacle course.

The participants will test their endurance and stamina over a 5-kilometer course which will have 15 obstacles with varying degree of difficulty. The prize, for both the Women and Men’s category each, is a sparkling new Maruti Suzuki Swift Car.

The Maruti Suzuki Devil’s Circuit is a concept of running where runners tackle a series of military-styled obstacles including barbed wires, ice and high warped walls. The Circuit not only tests the limit of stamina and endurance but also makes the runners realise the importance of team spirit and camaraderie which are essential attributes in life. As in past editions, this time too, the goal, much like the defence forces, will be to “leave no man behind.”

Speaking at the Maruti Suzuki Devil’s Circuit, Shri Ravi Prasad, Founder and Chairman, Vaishnaoi Group, said, “The Devil’s Circuit is a perfect blend of fierce competitiveness and team spirit. Both of these attributes go hand-in-hand and are equally responsible for a successful, meaningful life. The Vaishnaoi Group is proud to co-host the event with the Prestige Group. We would like to see more people participate in the Devil’s Circuit and experience the bonhomie and camaraderie that it provides.”


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