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Under Shah’s leadership, 10 lakh kg of drugs have been destroyed since last year

Hyderabad,20th July 2023: Amit Shah, Union Minister for Home and Cooperation, presided over the Regional Conference on Drugs Smuggling and National Security&on Monday. Shah chaired the conference during which the NCB destroyed over 1 lakh 44 thousand kg of narcotics, the largest amount of drugs destroyed on a single day in the nations history by the NCB. There is a record. Since last year, 10 lakh kg of narcotics have been destroyed, which is worth about Rs 12,000 crore.

Shah, who has given India a new identity at the global level, clearly believes that the drug

trade is an issue of national security, to deal with which coordination between the Centre and

the state is necessary. Under the guidance of Amit Shah, who is working towards realizing

Prime Minister Narendra Modis dream of a drug-free India, the Ministry of Home Affairs has adopted a zero-tolerance policy to curb the drug trade. As a result, drug seizures have more

than doubled since 2013. While the number of drugs seized by NCB has increased by

almost 100% in the last 9 years, 181% more cases have been registered against drug

traffickers, and arrests of traffickers have increased by 296%. In order to root out the drug

trade, under the guidance of Shah, the Ministry of Home Affairs established the National

Narco Coordination Portal (NCORD) on the one hand and, on the other, created the Anti-

Narcotics Task Force in the police departments of every state.

Under the able guidance of Shah, who redefined Indian politics, there has been an increase

in financial investigations and confiscation of smugglers' assets after intelligence agencies analysed all financial documents separately. In the year 2022, the NCB conducted financial investigations in 27 such cases in which assets worth Rs 15,98,37,784 were seized. By coordinating with international agencies like the DEA, AFP, NCA, RCMP, etc., work is being

done rapidly to control the international drug mafia. Also, bilateral MoUs have been signed

on this issue with 44 countries. Awareness is being spread through more than 8000 youth

volunteers under the Nasha Mukti Abhiyan in 372 districts of the country, in which more than

3 crore youth and more than 2 crore women have been reached so far.

Shah is of the clear opinion that drug addiction is harmful for the individual, society, nation,

and the whole world. If it is not controlled within a certain time, then it becomes impossible to

control it. Its addiction makes the youth a burden on society, and the income from its

business strengthens problems like terrorism. In Amrit Kaal, by adopting the policy of zero-

tolerance by the Modi-Shah duo, the resolution of the call of 'Nasha Mukt Bharat' is coming true under the three-pronged strategy.


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