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TSRTC Telangana Mazdoor Union Chairman Rajirreddy released a pamphlet @ vidhyanagar

Hyderabad May 20th 2022: Rajirreddy, Vice Chairman K Hanumanthu Mudiraj, Suddala Suresh Committee Members V Swamulayya, GR Reddy released the pamphlet.

On the occasion, Rajireddy and Hanumanthu Mudiraj said that the suspension of Nizambad 2 depot driver Ganesh, who had protested against the harassment of some officials in the RTC as there were no labor laws in Telangana, was a sign of harassment and warned the management to stop such practice immediately. Asked about the issues, he said how reasonable it is to suspend. He said that if the party behaved in such a way without solving the problems, it would inevitably face an uprising. In addition, the JAC has decided to hold a conference in Baglingampally on Tuesday, June 14 with the leaders of all the political parties in Telangana.


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