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Tora cabs launches its services in Hyderabad

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hyderabad 25th August 2019: The Tora Cabs has announced the launch of its services to the communters in Hyderabad.

As the city of Hyderabad is growing in length and breath and fast developing as a modern world city, Tora cabs wants to take advantage of this huge potentail and has come forward to serve the people of Hyderabad to help them reach their destinations safely.

Announcing this the authorites of Tora Cabs, at a programme held at Hotel Taj Krishna said that soon the Historic city of Hyderabad will have Tora cab services. "We have alerady signed agreements with more than 10,000 cab drivers and have devised a great model to drive the commuters safely home and at the same time provide employment to the drivers by paying them handsome package for their hard work," said CEO and Director of Tora cabs.

Conceived in 2017 and launched in June 2019, Tora is a joint venture with a Korean partner headquartered in New Delhi.

SB Shin, Director, Toracabs Technology Services said, “Through this joint venture partnership we expect to benefit a larger number of people. It was important to partner with a brand that is based on values and that would give an edge to both the driver and the customer.”


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