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The University announced the partnership with the University Hub

Hyderabad, JAN 30,2024: Renowned educational institution with a history of over a century, The University of Louisville,  is going to take students directly from Hyderabad.

 The representatives of this educational institution located in the heart of the city of Louisville in the state of Kentucky disclosed this in a press conference here on Tuesday.

University of Louisville is a favorite destination for students worldwide, tey came to Hyderabad as part of their plan to expand globally. With a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses, the focus is on fulfilling the aspirations of every student, especially those coming from

On this occasion, Dr. Paul Hoffman of the University of Louisville said, an educational institution is like a compass for students from all over the world. With the courses we are excited to invite diverse students, especially Indians are To make fees affordable without any compromise on quality education.

As far as possible we offer government tuition fees for our MS Engineering courses to deserving students we offer Regardless of how many credits students have taken under this program,

Tuition fee of  13,800 dollars (about Rs. 11.50 lakhs) per year is sufficient, that is, if a student can complete all the credits in a single academic year, they you can complete the entire MS Engineering course with the total. 

Due to this higher education for students  apart from more accessible, transparent, cost-effective education It is possible to provide it to the students," he said.

University of Louisville has started its international drive in Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bio Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science Engineering etc. 


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